Flawed/End Cuts Mystery Bundle

Flawed/End Cuts Mystery Bundle

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This listing is for a PFRE filled with approximately 3 yards of Cotton Lycra custom fabric, chosen at random. You can leave requests in the notes, but they are not guaranteed. The pieces can be anywhere from about 10”-35” and may contain flaws, such as ink smudges, holes, misprints, color variations, etc. I will not include duplicates, but may include coordinates.

The fabric is still usable! I am super picky, so sometimes “flaws” are barely noticeable or may wash out. I will not send anything that I consider junky, unusable fabric! However, please keep in mind that everyone has different opinions and what I think is usable, someone else may disagree. Therefore, this bundle is deeply discounted and FINAL SALE! When purchasing, you assume the risk that you may not love every single scrap of fabric included. 

Ships via USPS Priority shipping within 2-5 business days.

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